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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TMI #68

TMI #68

  1. Do you think people in general are too forgiving of or too harsh on promiscuous women? Promiscuous men?

  2. lets just stop judging ok? but men get off way easier, though I think its changing.

  3. Suppose you've been dating someone for a year, and they're slowly getting fat. Does this romance have long-term potential?

  4. if you love them it does.

  5. If you have five VERY successful dates with someone, are you a couple?

  6. Was there a discussion of being a couple? Until you actually talk about it and lay out the rules of the relationship your just dating.

  7. When you have a "toe-curling" orgasm, do your does curl up, or down?

  1. Can great sex be reason enough to stay in a relationship? (What about just okay sex?)
What type of relationship is it? sometimes its all about sex... othertimes its about a partnership.

    Bonus (as in optional): When you're unhappy in a relationship, do you treat the other person badly? Examples we've tried: causing jealousy, picking fights, withholding sex, getting real quiet.
If I am unhappy its usually pretty obvious. I dont purposefully behave a particular way, but I am probably guilty of a multitude of bad behaviours.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Of oranges and dreams......

Lying on my back my hands pretending to be yours, searching and tweaking. My breath held for long intervals then escapes in large sighs.

The left hand cups my full breast, finger tips rythymicly tenseing the blushed nipple. Softly, right fingertips brush the nude, smooth labia. A tickle and a squeeze. A tickle and a squeeze. Again and again, building up the desire.

For variety I stop for a moment. Leaning over to the table, I open the jar. The orange scent makes me smile. I dip a finger in the cool jel. With the left hand separating my shaven lower lips, the right finger instinctively finds my clit. Carefully moving in circles out from my prize, then down one side of the goove between lips, down the other. By now the gel's magic is working. My clit tingling. Before lying back my magic finger moves slowly in circles at the opening to my wet slit. The tingling spreading across the folds protecting my joybox. Lastly I spread my wetness mixed with orange magic across the outer flesh, sliding back and forth, all fingers expanding to cover the area. No penetration yet, just a slow, luxurious tease.

Relaxing back into the pillows your scent is bitter sweet. I miss you. I want you. You are not here but yet you excite me with your lingering musk. I concentrate on the perfume of you and I. Last nights memories coaxing fluid from hiding to openly lubricating my wandering fingers.

Moving lazily, the right fingers brush and stroke, circle and glide. A sharp pinch to the left nipple encourages more active pursuits. Moving deeper into the folds, more urgently using my middle finger to enter the tightening pink center. A low moan escapes my lips. I adore that first entry. Whether its my fingers or your fingers, tongue, hard cock. Holding that intial breach, I raise my knees high and wide, feet on the bed. Now with leverage my torso meets my hand, fingertips brushing my cervix. Deep and quick.

My digits are wet now and cum slides out with my fingers, down along my crack to my ass and onto the bed. Fingers moving in and out and around the outside before diving in again. And again. And again. Finding an internal beat the dance with myself continues. Thought has left my brain. Warmth spreads from behind my bellybotton extending in all directions. White hot heat builds low and rises until it overtakes my person. Perspiration breaks out of my skin with a rush of pleasure.

Rolling over, I cuddle your pillow and fall asleep wrapped in warm comfort.

Cows in water 2

I survived the grand plies (for you gym rats these are realy sqats in disguise). I shasayed and I piqued despite the complaints from my muscles. Dont laugh if you see me walking tippytoed out in the yard or around the house. My arches are complaining and I insist on beating them into shape.

Interestingly, I feel good. I feel alive. I feel sexy.

I just may really enjoy this dance thing.

Like Cows in Water....

This is the second week of dance class for me. The Princess finds this hilarious. I'm quite amused myself.

I have never been gracefull. Actually I am quite clutzy. I fall UP the stairs. When I got a waitressing job my Dad laughed, gave me 2 weeks before I dumped coffee in someones lap.
I dropped and dumped my fair share of things but never to the point of people needing emergency care. If intoxicated enough I will attempt some sort of shake and wiggle on the dance floor at bars and weddings. I console myself that other people are probably worse. Probably. Maybe. But damn iits fun shaking your thing out there despite the hushed pointing and giggling.

So, in a few minutes I again attempt ballet and tap. I hate checking my posture in the mirror. Part of the reason for the class is my wieght is threatening my health. It was time to stop being passive and DO SOMETHING. So I joined the class. One small step right? I have learned there is a reason ballerinas are slim. Its hard to move your body in certain ways when your ample parts get in the way. But the ladies in the class are all old enough to me my Grandma so if they can do it... I can too! And its fun. Honestly fun.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Da Count the little things

i am gratefull for new heat in this old house
and kids who get up for school without to much fuss
and my cabinet full of chocolate
and friends old and new
and the family too
i am gratefull for camp memories
and the shade under trees
and wild blueberries
i am gratefull to wake each day eaderly looking forward
and fondly looking back
i gratefull for games of darts and pente with kids
and the man of the house too.
hey i am even gratefull i occasionaly win a few.
there are hundreds of little things to list
like they way you kiss
so for all the little things left unsaid, unnoticed
i hope warm coffee on this cold day was a little thing
that brightened your day.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

TMI 67

TMI Tuesday #67

It is National Pie Day! hahaha ok enough nonsense... on with TMI! ;)

1. What is a creampie?

ohhhhhh is that short for cream on my pie?

2. Once a cheater, always a cheater. True or false... why?

damn that is a hard one.... but i have to go with dont cheat to begin with.... suck it up... talk to your spouse... deal with the benefits and consquences... then you can have sex with the other person with a relatively clear conscience.

3. Where is the female G spot and how do you find it?

I think it moves. I know there is a well researched answer for this, but I really think its a bit different for different women and her various moods. I mean seriously some day seeing the dishes done would give me tremendous orgasms!

4. Is there a correlation between shoe size and penis size?

OH OH OH CAN I RESEARCH THIS ONE?!?!?!!?! wait.... do i really want to... somepeoples shoes are just eww.... let alone what hides in dark creavices....

5. Can women have wet dreams?

before or during sleep? *giggles*

Bonus (as in optional): Take a wild guess, how many calories are in a man's average ejaculation? (no cheating and looking that shit up

like 5? I mean comeon i can spit more than most men ejaculate, how many calories can there be.... wait... are we counting the peppermint whipcream in a can that was covering the head of his penis also?

Practice more.......

I love to throw darts. Something about hard, stiff pointy things and aiming for the center......... but I digress.

One of the cool things about the game is family time. Zig and The Short Man, The Princess and myself, Zig and me, The Short Man and me, Zig and The Princess. ALL OF US TOGETHER! Egads, an activity that does not involve an illuminated screen that we all can enjoy makes me just giddy. For the kids we often play 301 or something that makes them feel like they are doing something. For us, Zig is partial to Cricket, and I am just happy to attempt to play. When we first set up the board playing with the kids was nearly hazardous to your health. I almost have shaken off the twitch I acquired from dodging wild darts. The kids are picking up the game surprisingly fast though. More darts are hitting the board, sometimes even a few bulleyes. I just have to practise more.

Zig is getting too good at his game. Bulleyes used to mock him. No more. Now the bull ducks and covers because Zig has those eyes on his radar. I wonder if playing naked will distract him? Naw, I doubt it. NOTE TO SELF! {withhold nakedness till it has the Deer in Headlights effect again} Somehow I dont think that note to self is going to be very effective. Its just unsportsman like to fondle the player while throwing too. There has to be a way to even the score. hmmmmm. I just may have to practice more.

The adults of the house dont bet money, or toothpicks, or even who is doing the dishes. I rarely bet for money. I lost a buck to Zig once. It was very painfull handing over that dollar. In the Zig house we bet sexual favors. Sometimes we mix it up a bit: fellatio for him, cunnilingus for me, possibly some doggie style, a back massage, well lubed anal, or winner names the place....(i kinda am partial to the back deck if the weather is mild). Mostly though, if we are betting sexual favors the favor is 69! Brillant huh? Thanks. Even the loser wins when the bet is for 69! And who could deny more practise for 69? *wink* I just may have to practice more.

battle of ...what?


is a Collosal Bee that rides around in a Metal Tripod, leaves a Trail of Goo, has X-Ray Vision, is Sensitive to Noise, and lives Underwater.

Strength: 11 Agility: 2 Intelligence: 8

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat mrszigzagman, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights mrszigzagman using

Monday, January 22, 2007

political quiz


The political description that
fits you best is...



CENTRISTS espouse a "middle ground" regarding government

control of the economy and personal behavior. Depending on

the issue, they sometimes favor government intervention

and sometimes support individual freedom of choice.

Centrists pride themselves on keeping an open mind,

tend to oppose "political extremes," and emphasize what

they describe as "practical" solutions to problems.

The RED DOT on the Chart shows where you fit on the political map.

Your PERSONAL issues Score is 50%.
Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 50%.

I think I may be just a little to neutral. The questions were very vague though and I hate broad sweeping statements. Thanks to Eric at One of these nights for the quiz. He's also on (25peeps click on his sexy abs while taken off his pants pic )

Red sex.

Do you have sex during your or your partners menses? Or is your partner being strung up by their dangly parts just for considering the idea? If you do play at sunset is it a desparate act purely for the sake of release or is it a guilty pleasure? If the painters are around to paint the barn red does the thought of sesxual contact make your head spin in disgust or delight?

If you do have sex during the monthly does it change your routine? Does the shower become the only safe place for sex or will you throw down a towel and go for it? Have you ever had intimate contact with a person unaware that you had started oozing red? Did you laught it off or did it kill the mood? Are certain intimacies off limits? Does your partner have his/her redwings? Will you or your mate finger paint? If you will manual touch the seeping rose is it there an effort to contain the unused cradle of life or do you rub it in all over? Are your tender breasts and nipples appreciative of attention or do they scream LET ME GO! Are your orgasms different? Less intense? more intense?

Do you reward your partner with a warm soapy rub down afterwards? or do they do that for you? Have the sheets ever really become the same hue again? Any special washing techniques you would like to share? Do you reserve a special towel for such an event?

I've heard that sex during menses helps relieve cramps and headaches. Personally I think its a huge mood booster also. What an ego enhacer it is to have your partner find you attratctive when you feel bloated, cranky, crampy and fatigued. Sex done right also improves flexiblity and cardiovascular health. Sex for the health benefits. I love the idea. I think we all should have more sex for good health.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A note to Zig.

My lips are numb. Is it the bottle of Watusi red grape wine? or the anticipation of tasting your maculine fruits as soon as you get off the phone. I'm being polite. Its family. Family is important. But DAMMMMNNNNNN man I need you too. Urgently. Animalisticaly.

I hate these hormonal shifts. Life interfers enough with our "extra curricular activities". The princess. the short man. the polar opposite schedules. the weekends at work. the holidays. The I am just so damn exhausted I cant see straight nights . What the hell is up with me going to bed before 9pm on my nights off anyways? and why arent you waking me up... proper?

ok enough bitching.. back to your fruits......:)

wash them well... because I plan to devour you one lick at a time. I'll start with the tip... and a hot breath down your shaft, just a flick of the tongue against your slit. My lips are numb did I tell you that? Next I will suck a bit on the head... really take in your soapy masculine aroma while tasting the sweet precum eeking out the end. My arms will wrap around your legs, my hands greedily grabbing your sack and shaft. I can anticipate your tension. You know its close now.

With a long exhale I ready for what I know you like. What you are waiting for. I nibble the hood of your phallus letting you relax, letting you thing its not yet what you want. Then with one sure motion and all the suction I can muster from my small mouth, I take you in. ALL of you. Swallowing till my lips reach the fuzz of the base. I grope your scrotum , carefull not to hurt the boys cradled within, my fingers brushing that sensitive place between your now tightened sack and your ass. My arms pin your legs and limit your thrust for a moment, then I withdraw far enough. loosen my grip enough to take you comfortably while you fuck my face. I love that. That you are so carefull not to choke me yet cant resist the urge to pump your manflesh in and out of my hungry orifice.

I hear you sigh, almost a moan. I swallow again holding you there. I choke a little, but it makes me smile as I pull back flicking my tongue as I withdraw. Your concern is fleeting as pleasure overwhelms your senses. As soon as I reach the end of your shaft I descend again, tongue searching till you fill my mouth, then my throat. Easing you past my gag reflex smoothly this time. Grabbing your thighs tightly I grind my breasts into your pelvis. Wickedly the idea strikes me as surely as your hand on my trembling ass. I ride your wet rigid member between my cleavage. Wet sticky residue now painted across my chest I take you again between red numb lips, teeth grazing slightly.

Your hands encourage me. The pace quickens across my back as your excitement escalates. I love this part. You are mine. You belong to me now. I can end this now. Or let it fester... slowly simmering.... till your hands become the conduits of your frustration. Back and forth. Up and down. Your hands, my mouth. Back and forth. Up and down. Your hands, my mouth. Its a dance we have nearly perfected. I can taste you now. And feel your urgency. The smell of your sex pressed against my nose.

I pause mid shaft on purpose, maintaing suction and swirling my tongue. Its a guilty pleasure of mine that I enjoy a little to much. Your satly sweetness is so close. Your body so tense. With resignation and delight I descend. I move my hand from your shaft and its rythmic pulsations replacing it with warm moist inhalations till the your length threatens to bring tears to my eyes.....your hips searching higher... deeper.... my arms keepin you just within comfort for me.

I feel your release with my lips first. The jump of your flesh reminding me to pull back just a little. I cradle your now purple tense head on my tongue, your release tickling my tastebuds.
I take every drop and lick your shaft clean too. Reluctantly I rest my head on your thigh, saliva and sweat perfuming our room. Was it over too soon?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dont touch my pussy....


It was a rough morning. Nothing happened the way I wanted it to happen. After some serious destressing it was time for a nap. Did I ever tell you its difficult for me to fall asleep without sexual activity? Its been that way since at least the 3rd grade. NO you damn pervs I wasnt getting banged in the 3rd grade! but I did discover that certain arrangements of the covers felt good and soon progressed to loving myself. I think masturbation keeps me sane. Dont laugh. If you ever been around me with that lac-a-nook-ee disease you'd encourage a healthy outlet.

It was late morning the sun not yet invading the window. I considered my options. A simple manual? the old broken toy? the New B.O.B? oh oh oh a little of them all!

Having been seriously irritated I felt I needed a little boost to warm things up. Pure romance makes this flavored tingling product called Ex T Cee. Mine is orange cream. It tastes good too, but some other time I'll tell you about Zigs BJ.

So I get the bed all cozy and apply the product liberaly in various places..... geeesh use your imaginations! then slide under the electric blanket to create some heat of my own. A grin warms my face as my nips and labia start to tingle. I prep the toy. Using one hand to stimulate my clitoris I use the toy just to rub around the opening to my moist warm depths. Anticipation is nice even when your the one doing all the work. *giggles*

I slowly insert the tip, enjoying each milimeter of progressive fullness while enjoying a favorite fantasy. oh eyes close... I wiggle the toy a little for some side to side stimulation. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! OUCH! that is not the angle a dildo should ever be used.....

Lost in my fanatsy I was not aware the cat had joined my playtime. Damn pervy thing. No idea how long his voyeur eyes watched my every move. The painfull interuption was the cat POUNCING on the blankets covering my hand using my toy.

A well placed kick of the blankets relocated the cat to the floor. He gave me evil looks as I made sure the door was not only closed but securely latched. I am open to many sexual variations... ANIMALS are not on my to do list.

Mornings at the ZIg house

I hate mornings. I wish I didnt but I really do hate them. It seems even if I wake up in a jovial mood something always happens to that evaporates my efforts to start my family's day in a good way.

For several weeks I have tried in particular to wake the man of the house in a most delitefull way. Either the kids wont get ready in time or he has been up late or he is sleeping in the living room.

My kids in particular are driving me nuts. I wake them up and all they have to do is get dressed. The princess in particular cranks my shaft. She goes to daycare in the mornings because on the nights I work I cannot be home before ZIg has to leave. It takes 10 minutes of shooing her out of bed. Then she wants to just lay. Today she had 20 minutes to get ready. At the time we were to leave I find her still lounging in her Pj's.

A 20 minute all out battle ensues to get this child dressed. I am not sorry. Its a simple concept really... get up... get dressed...She doesnt even have to eat here... her sitter feeds them. Thats all I want, A dressed child before 7 am, its a small request I think.

That wasnt even the icing on the cake. Mother Nature further delayed me. We went outside... late again.. to find 1/2 inch of not snow... but glazed ice. You cant just brush this off. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

So I let her back in the house, tell her to eat something and go back out to clean off the vehicles after allowing them to warm up.

And cast a forelorn look up the stairs..... I know where I want to be....I know where I should be...and I also know like everything else parenthood has its moments... some good and some well some just tick me off.

wake up call part 1

She rushed the kids to the sitter as quickly as she dared. It was key to her plan. A wide smile spread across her delicate mouth as she comptemplated what was about to occur, also because her hand slipped between her thighs.

A glance in the rearview mirror as traffic shifted made her smile turn to devilish grin. The mischievous sparkle in her blue green eyes echoed the naughty tingling her fingers were elicting from her warm moist recesses.

Recess. Playground. Play.

Resisting the urge to speed through downtown, she caged her urgency, for the moment.

The brisk air further heightened her sences as she deliberately, slowly, with anticipation turned the key to the heavy oak door. Shaking off the chill and her winter coat she stole a glance upstairs, where he was sleeping.

Quickly her strong legs propelled her upstairs as a hastely pulled up ponytail was secured in her long brown hair. The feel of the cool silken threads caressing her fingers elicting a shiver. A shiver shaking off the cold, a shiver of anticipation, a shiver of delight.

The blankets were warm and inviting, begging for a cozy morning cuddle but she had other thoughts on her mind as she licked the last of the chill from her eager lips. Tossing back the covers revealed her prize. The sight of the heather gray boxer briefs dissolved the last of her restraint. Carefully, she breathed hot breath throught the material around his cock.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

TMI #65

  1. Which is more appealing and why - a life of leisure or a life of accomplishment? wow hard one, cant I be accomplished about a life of leisure?

  1. How many people have you kissed, not counting family? more than I care to remember

  2. How many times have you ever been in love? once, I thought it was twice but really only once

  3. Regardless of what's right for you now, would you say you have a good idea of the kind of person you'd like to end up with? Can you, will you tell us?

  1. If you're dating someone, is it okay to flirt with other people?

  2. depends on the rules involved and intent of flirting.... if both partners are aware and agreeable and the rules clearly defined a little flirting just fot flirtings sake is healthy and sharpens your skills... if your flirting to bed the other person and its against house rules then no its not.
Bonus (as in optional): Describe your personality with three adjectives that describe you well. [For the folks with "technical" degrees adjectives are modifiers, like "musical", "adventurous", or "carnal".]

ecclectic, artistic, adventurous

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


SOOOOO..... first off my apologies for being a lazy git..... life has been strange lately and priorities had to be revaluated..... but Ii'm recommiting to ... well multiple things.

To blogging... I missed expressing myself but wasnt really keen on subjecting people to the darker side of me.... while I read some blogs like that they also seem to have a purpose.. I I just hid in the corner for awhile... I have lots of ideas again... most of them naughty... and here I am going to apologize in advance to any family and friends.... this is a read at your own risk site from now on... I'm not censoring because Mom might read this...(hmmm next topic maybe???) I have kept reading many though my comments were limited.

To health..... I have to be honest I've lazy for a while.. and am suffering physically, aestheticaly, and emotionally for my lack of controll. I quite montioring what I ate and started eating to please me... big mistake.. and while I was walking when it was slow at work... it wasnt enough... I'm dusting off the Power 90 and making healthier choices. My head and my waist line are killing me. I dont want to be diabetic... all the woman in my family are now... and the PseudoTumor Cerebri in seriously need of a reality check, this daily headache is getting to be a royal pain in the ass, not to mention the wonderfull vision distortions.... Damn I am giving up salt again... this tough. I refuse to give up chocolate though... you cant make me..... *pouts*

To Love... Like any relationship Zigzagman and I have ups and downs, we know this, anticipate it to some degree, but have realized through the last weeks that we are still madly in love. We have recommited to more ups and working through the downs, together, honestly, sometimes painfully, but in the end we are stronger for it I think. That man has held my heart since I was 13, and I must say it holds it well. With strength and tenderness and pacience and grace and love and understanding and a bit of lust for good measure.

To work.... like many people I have been re evaluating work. I love my job really, work with great people for the most part. But I have been a Registered Nurse for 10 years now... and 2 years where I work now. I need a change. Not exactly sure what.. but I am considering possiblities.... the cool thing is I probably wont have to leave my company. But losing my Dad then having to deal with dying people and their families has left me sour. Funny though, the experience was like rubbing salt in an open wound but actually helped me put Dad in proper perspective. By helping them I had to confront my own greif but not on my terms and I am bitter, does that make sence? I am not done with this I dont think.

To Hobbies... Is sex a hobby? no seriously... I finally busted out the camera and attempted some pics for creative fun. I'm not happy with them but it was a start.. plus I am still learning. It felt good to think it through a bit though and do something just because I wanted to. Because I saw something special. I was getting worried for awhile when nothing seemed worth photographing but that was a bump in the road. I few trips in my glorious Michigan country side sparked my interest in light and shadow and composition again.

thanks for your time.