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Thursday, December 28, 2006

sex test

Mrszigzagman, your sexual personality is Omega-PLDN-10.

Your sexual personality is determined by your sexual persona (Omega), 4 sexual scales (Emotional/Physical, Look/Touch, Daring/Modest, Verbal/Non-verbal), and your libido score (10).

As an Omega, you are someone who feels sexy, looks sexy, and really knows the ropes when it comes to lovemaking. Your sex appeal is more overt than others and your sexual confidence and awareness are particularly high.

How do we know this? How do we know that you focus more on the physical than the emotional connection with your partner while having sex?

Because while you were taking the test, you answered different kinds of questions — questions that measured what you're like in bed as well as your sex appeal, sexual confidence and sexual awareness.

who knew? LOL well ok... we did.. but SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

TMI #62

TMI Tuesday #62

1. Is it better to give or receive?

Giving and recieving simultaneously is the best!

2. What is the most sensitive part on a man/woman's body?

On which day? on him I like the rim under the head or the "taint"

3. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during sex?
(Queefed? Family walked in? Couldn't get it up?)

fell asleep or child interupting

4. Do you like to talk dirty during sex? How dirty does it get? Example! ;)

YA baby, like that, harder, Fuck ME harder..... OW! wait not that hard...

5. What do you really want for Christmas? Vibrator? Spanking?

Sybian. Been 3 years i'm still waiting. I think i have to be naughtier before I can get one.

Bonus (as in optional): How often do you masturbate? Masturbate for Peace lmao!

Is there a limit? daily is ok right? I wont go blind? wait.. the lights are dimming.. help.. i cant see.. where did you all go?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

tagged 5 times.

so i was tagged five times. i counted my tmi so i think i owe 25.

Here I go 25 weird things about me.

1. I like liqueur on my icecream. Chambord being a favorite but buttershots, godiva, peppermint schanppes, irish cream and creme de menthe are good choices on vanilla or chocolate icecream.

2. i love dressing up but really do not like getting my hair done as often as i should.

3. i hate being cold especially at night.

4. i love people but tend to OD. quiet me time is essential to my well being.

5. i blog.

6. i colored my hair once and permed it once in my entire life.... see #2.

7. i used to calm

8. i think 75% of the world has a bipolar disorder

9. i think popping a zit feels good.

10. its horrible angony to let a cut healing without pullin off the scab

11. i used to bite my toenails

12. i secretly want to be a young Dr. Ruth.

13. i'm obessed with jewerly. but not tradtional stuff. i like unusual artsy stuff with natural pieces.

14. I used to want to be Playboy centerfold.

15. I want sex in the Playboy mansion grotto.

16. I sometimes wonder if I am a hypochondriac or just unlucky healthwise.

17. I have few secrets

18. my eyes change color but are mostly grey. sometimes mutliple shades of blue. sometimes green. rarely yellowish.

19. my political views are becomdin more conservative

20. I like the way I taste.

21. I cant stand people that make noise when eating. Its a pet peeve I acquired from my dad.

22. I have oversized teeth but a small jaw frame. took major surgery to fix it as well as 2 years of braces. So I have a scar on my upper palate that my tongue plays with when I'm bored or nervous.

23. Death amazes me.

24. I believe in a higher power of some sort but also in personal choice.

25. I have synethesia which is way cool but PseudoTumor Cerebri which really sucks.

there I believe I have honored my tags... and am now considering myself closed to the 6 weird things about you.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

TM I61

TMI Tuesday #61

1. What is the sexiest part of your (or a) lover's body?

one? wtf? how can i pick one... ok here is a few... hard cock, eyes, soft cock, mouth, semi hard cock, taint, eyes, satisfied almost hard cock, voice... get the picture yet?

2. What is the un-sexiest part?

there is none. He damn sexy everywhere.

3. What makes you feel sexiest … item of clothing, food, music, film, timbre of someone’s voice/accent/dialect, alcoholic beverage, etc.?

have we talked abour courvoisier yet? someday remind me I'll tell you the story... stories...
silk, anything that touches my heart, irish brogue

4. What is you least favorite sexual position?

you mean people have a least favorite? Hell just do me... it work real well for both of us... oh I GOT IT NOW! My least favorite position is the one that leaves either partner unsatisfied.

5. What do you wish your (or a) partner would do to you?

Now? ya NOW! thats all... just do me now see above. Multiples.... but thats not in the current set of rules. And I honour the house rules. period.

Bonus (as in optional): What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

multiples. It was dirty and hot. HEY HEY HEY... that was PreZig.... and I honoured my house rules then too.


What? why do subject myself to these things.... BTW the questions are just not right.

Friday, December 08, 2006


This is how it works: Each player of this game starts with the "6 weird things about you". In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged. People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things, as well as state this rule clearly. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged" in their comments.

Damit who started this?

ok i'll play i need some fun.

1) i am obsessed with sex, i want to know what other are people are doing how they are doing it and their thoughts and feelings about it, i want to know how they think got them where they are sexually.

2)i catn stand to let my nails grow but really really want pretty hands

3)i like big dogs, big cars, big sweets, but average penises

4)i can have an entire lengthy affair in my head about the guy in front of me in the check out line before he even makes it to the door

5)i dont like coffee despite 10 years of working nights

6)my mom is one of my best friends

i tag stealthbombshell, stealthbombshell, stealthbombshell, stealthbombshell, stealthbombshell, oh and did i almost forgot stealthbombshell.

Da Count Holiday Reflections

Its December, "The Holidays". I went to see a holiday movie with the princess tonight. We laughed, I cried. I hope she didnt see me. I am very thankfully to have these moments not only now when people traditionaly are thankfull for their dysfunctional families, but all year long.

I am dismayed and amazed. I think of my childhood and how much my princess's life is different. More money flows in and out of our house now then when I was growing up. She is definitely a much more worldly child then I was then. Hotels and airplanes and cell phones and overall mobility are a much bigger part of her life. Life sure seems faster with everything on the go, mobile and drive through. I always new exactly where my holidays were spent. She is always in limbo between my house and her dads, again a child on the move.

Interestingly, She apppears much more secure than I was then. Her confidence is truly astounding to someone who was convinced life as I knew it could end any day, either by world disaster or family disaster. But I dont think I ever truly lacked for anything. We both are well loved, well cared for and very lucky lucky lasses.

I hope when she looks back on her life she will appreciate the people in her Holiday memories as much as I do. I love you Mom, and I miss you Dad.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

TMI 60

We have been home a few days now... I think about getting back into the routine of things but I just cant seem to. I laugh, and I cry and I try not bring down the rest of the house. Simple things seem overwhelming now. This is much harder than I thought. I will be back though.

So to the TMI.....

Have you...

1. Ever had your toes sucked on?

yes, but they were clean, some erotic acts require fresh showering...

2. Ever had a hickey... sexy or trashy? Why?

OMG yes, and nothing works to cover or remove it... why do kids do such things?

3. Ever stolen from a store? If so, what?

your honor I plead the fifth....

4. Ever got a speeding ticket? If so, how many?

several... last one in a construction zone.... at 7am after work... cops are not sympathetic to nurses...although he did drop the construction zone fine

5. Ever faked an orgasm?

yes though not in a very long time Zig is so good no faking requiring....and he understands there is sex, good sex and JTFC! WHITELIGHT where am i? sex.. all are ok in a long term relationship

Bonus (as in optional): What's the trick to being multiorgasmic?

screw multi i'm aiming for polyorgasmic.... multiple of mulitples:)

Sunday, December 03, 2006


So I have returned home after much crying, soul searching, revelry and debauchery. Dad would be proud I think. The four of us girls were pleasantly surprised by all the people who paid last respects. And it was nice seeing my sisters and my neice and nephew again.

Why is it at such a difficult time your asked to make mulitudes of decisions?

I have to give a huge thanks to my Mom, who was amazing support. I cant thank her enough for all she did for us during such an difficult time.

The Moose Lodge gave us a tree to plant.... I look forward to sharing that next year.

And just a side note.... if ever you cremate a loved one..... you need at least 5 or 6 fifths to transport the remains. Dont cringe, laugh with us. Dad was a Jack Daniels collector, we felt it appropriate to place him some of the bottles from his collection after toasting to the life he choose to live with the whiskey at was inside. Final resting place will be the woods where he hunted the last 20+ years and the Lake Michigan where he loved to fish.

Rest well Dad. We miss you.