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Thursday, September 13, 2007

A new school year... and some catching up....

I love school.

I hate my kids in school.
Dont get me wrong, I understand the importance of a good education. I just hate the bull our two children try to pull.

So far The Princess has been "sick" more mornings then not. Funny how by the time I pick her up at the end of the day she is bouncing with a healthy glow. It is an all out war to get her to do her homework. I am having to check with her teachers everyday about every detail. If we try to help her, the drama increases. She doesnt want help she wants it done for her. She hasnt had TV all week. She dont care. I am now trying to bribe her with a trip with Mom to the movies. Pray for me.

The Manchild called his mom, me and his dad looking for a ride home for being so sick......"I can barely stand. I cant see my work." Unfortunately for him, he pulled this so often last school year no one believes him. It was a miracle, so sick at school he had to leave, but get him home and he can eat spicy greasey food. Huh. What was hystericall was all the adults in his life told him the safe thing. Suck it up. Stay in school. No vomit, no fever, no emergency ride home. Now who can see this biting us in the ass at some point this year?

We are planning a party x 2 for The Princess. She will be 11 on Saturday. We have invited all kids from both her classes and all her dance partners. I am scared. Someone please help me. Why did I agree to a roomfull of prepubscent boys and girls?
We are having pizza and cheesecake. At Pizza Hut. Yeah! for someone else cleaning up the mess.

After the school chum party we are having dinner with Zigs parents. We are going to a local restaurant that has games and great wings. AND BEER! I think by then I will need the beer.

She has asked for a mp3 player. I am waiting till Christmas. For now just some clothes and earrings and maybe a barbie bed. Maybe. I explained that dance class, shoes and outfits are part of her birthday. Its getting to be an expensive habit with both of us taking classes now.

Speaking of dance, my legs are killing me. Belly dancing is so much fun and such a great work out. Now if I could just eat right I might lose an inch or two. Ballet and Tap start next week. I am looking forward to the rigors of ballet. I still hate the mirrors though.

Oh and I cut my hair. 13 inches. I am still getting used to it, so is Zig. But it feels so much better. I have a heavy head of hair and letting it get to mid back was just weighing me down. Plus it was hot. Very hot. I did donate the ponytail to Locks for Love. It is my third donation.

Maybe I will post a pic soon.

Well that about does it. You're all caught up now. YEAH FOR FALL! I love this time of year. It is so romantic.


Blogger Bunny said...

My son actually IS sick already - spent all last night barfing. Poor kid. I had really hoped to get more than 2 weeks into the school year before he came home with something. :)

The b-day parties sound great. Give my fellow Virgo a big hug for her b-day! I'd love to see your hair - yea you for donating to Locks of Love!

Good to have you back!

8:59 AM  
Blogger Backcut said...

Good for you! Changing your look sometimes does wonders. I shaved off part of my beard and left a goatee-like thing. Definitely makes me look younger. I don't think anyone would've wanted my beard clippings....LOL

It's a great stroke of genius to have it at a Pizza Hut. They can make all the noise they want and the Moms can look at each other and commiserate.

Kids will always pretend to be sick. The challenge is to tell when they actually ARE sick. Luckily, I did play an active role in the ex-GF's kids life and got to see the drama and scheming of two sisters growing up.

1:30 PM  
Blogger Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

bunny- pics soon I promise

backcut- I want to see the Goatee!!!

1:32 PM  
Blogger crse said...

Mrs. Z, I gotta tell you. Its been nine days and i HATE school. I also hate soccer. Im completely disillusioned. Happy birthday to the princess though!!!

12:01 PM  
Blogger Suze said...

I hope the party went well and you had a good night out afterwards.

Kids all go through this stage. I once mixed up all sort of ingredients and poured them down my shirt to prove that I had been sick.

It got me a day off and they never smelt the salad cream base. :P

4:07 PM  
Blogger Aunt Jackie said...

LOL! Funny, I remember my ploys to be "sick" when I was growing up... course' I was good at it. :D

I didn't realize you had an actual blog because I kept visiting your MyBlogLog thing and it had no link... I am so sorry! I would've been reading much sooner!!


3:06 PM  
Blogger Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

crse- ya it was much more fun when i was in school....

suze we had 3 kids show up out of 45... go figure.. but still had a good time.

aunt jackie- thanks:)

4:00 PM  

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