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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy HNT


Another wedding shot. I love having my own camera. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 20, 2006

Da Count The Note

so a few days ago I come home from work (I work 7pm to 7am) and on my desk is a note.....
The Note is on Hello Kitty paper... in carefull letters it says:

Ta Da look

I cleard

the table for


I smile. I stumble to the living room and By GOlly! The princess (10 years old) had cleaned the table and neatly stacked all the items, an unsolicited activity.

As a full time working mother I am exhausted, joyfull, frustrated, amazed, but mostly I am incredibly gratefull to have such a empathic, generous and talented daughter.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lust Quotient

Your Lust Quotient: 70%

You are a very lustful person - and it sometimes gets the better of you!
You know how to hold back, but you hardly ever do.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

happy hnt

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wedding pics

Can you say "AFLAC"?????????

"wait...wait... wait.... let me get MY carmera"
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of toys and penguins....Revisited.

Editors note: This was originally posted in October 2006. I have reviewed and edtied a bit. I hope this satisfies everyones penguin curiosity. Oh, and after this post, my Mother gave us a "Happy Feet" calendar and a penguin pic for the wall for Christmas and for my birthday I recieved penguin pajamas. I love my family. They are so pleasantly twisted.

Did I ever tell you penguins make me horny? Silly I know, but its not the penguin its self per say but really the association with them.

I was babysitting (I wont divulge my age to protect the not so innocent) one evening, the kids were already in bed. I was having just a dandy time playing with the kids toys. Ever have one of those top toys with the handle on top? You push the handle down and the toy spins. I, in all my "wowanly wisdom", was tryin to see how fast I could get it to spin. I must have wasted 45 minutes being so easily amused, unaware I was amusing my window peeper.

RAP! RAP! RAP! on the window. Terrified I looked up. Heart pounding, hands trembling, breath holding terror.... until his benevolent mischeivous eyes met mine. Embarrassed, but delighted, I exhaled relief. He was lean, handsome and wanting inside. Inside to talk to me. Now I'm trembling again, except this time its good. I let him in to more than just the house.

I was giddy. He seemed so mature, in control. He moved with purpose and grace, like a dancer but with more edge.

He was silver tongued too.
His words carressed me before his hands ever touched my skin.

He was gentle and determined. He came for a purpose. I was his purpose. I glowed like only a lass in love can, surrendering willingly. He showed me the way and I followed his lead, mirroring his kisses and his caresses. His desire multipled mine.

The couch gave way to something unknown, unfamilar. Trepidation was replaced with an overwhelming sence of security, well being, bliss. Our teenage bodies mingled carnally. My awareness collapsed inward catapulted by the senousous sensations new to my young body.

I distinctly remember the sence of satisfaction as we lay together, fluids dancing while our muscles rested. He held me close, lovingly, respectfully. I remember feeling important, special, unique and wishing the whole world could be this happy too.

As my awareness of my surroudings returned apparently so did his. MRRP MRRP MRRP!
MRRP MRRP MRRP! I looked to him and he looked to me then we both looked at the TV. Penguins. We shared a laugh, warm bodies still pressed moistly together.

I still think of that moment when ever I see or hear penguins. Penguins make me hot and bothered. I am flooded with auditory, visualy, and olfactory sensations. You see, the penguins were there the first time I ever made love to another person. Not just sex, but honest, compassionate, passionate love to the man I am blessed to share this with now.....

MRRP Mrrp mrrp! Mrrrp mrrrp mrrp! waddle waddle Mrrp mrrp mrrp!

stupid question of the day.....

For those that do not know, I am a nurse. Among the many things I do is pass out juice. We have apple, grape, orange and prune juice. While retrieving juice the other day I had a question that no one could answer....

Why is it called prune juice? Why not plum juice? If prunes are dried plums then is prune juice reconsistuted dried plums? And if so, why?

My curious mind wants to know.


Not sure what happened but my blog was whitewashed. Sorry if you stopped by and I wasnt home. Hopefull all is returned to normal.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Do you name your most intimate parts? If so, then what is the name? Was it your creation or someones nickname for your manhood or womanhood?

I ran across someone who said that his penis was called "Herbie"..... "herbie the love bug" I had to laugh.... I thought it was brilliant.

Are men more prone to doing this than women?

I fondly call my chest padding "the girls" but they dont have anymore identity than that.

Looking forward to you response.... with love Mrszigzagman and the girls:)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It had been hours of innuendo. Brief teasing touches interspersed between voluptuous verbal interplays. Finally the culmination arrives.

"Meet you upstairs?"

I gasp, but then breathe deeply but slowly, in eager anticipation

A knowing grin greeting my questioning eyes.... "of course."

Just like you to state the obvious.

I detour to the bathroom, cool water tickling sensitive areas. The room still has lingering humidity from your recent shower, the heavy hint of damp forest cologne hanging on the mist. My hunger increases. I waste no time traipsing to the bedroom.

You languish under the covers. An impish grin playing at the corner of your lips as my nude, Botticelli-form emerges from the hall, back lit from the low chandelier light. A brief pause, just enough to record the scene visually, mentally, emotionally. You always could wait longer than me.

I can’t resist any longer and crawl slowly up the bed, nuzzling, nipping from ankles onward, side to side. Pressing my legs next to, but outside of yours, using my breasts as soft massagers against your thighs... slowly working up whilst pulling the covers down.

I trap your manly length between "the girls". The sensation reminds me how completely you fill other tender places. I kneel, straddling your thin shapely legs, appreciating the strength within them, and begging for other strength to enter me.

But not yet.

Looking into your eyes, I feel more than arousal. I feel complete, secure. I know what you want, and you also understand my needs. I slide my hands between my body and yours. My breath sinks within me. Up your outer hips, inside to linger across your abdomen, fingers always in motion.

With light nails I trace the ledges of your ribcage working down each step of your abdomen towards my favourite place. The cleft from hip to groin, the v-cut leading to the prize, slow circles of light scratches more to tease me than you. I can take no more and lean forward kissing just below your sternum.

My tongue mimics my nails, and proceeds downward in the same slow light circular pattern. Seeking each piece of puzzle that becomes all of you. I continue with hungry fingers along your sides, mouth searching across your groin. I feel the light fuzz of my prize tickling my face.

I am close.

My breath quickens. I can feel your anticipation, the tension of your hard flesh against my chest.

I move to the right, and this allows access to your tight scrotum. Still slow circles, occasionally interspersed with light suction. Nails migrate across the valleys of your abdomen to greet salivating lips at the base. I allow you to raise at the hips, feeling the length of your manliness slide across my flushed cheek while I continue teasing all that supports such a magnificent structure.

I place my lips on either side of my living toy. I suck enough to create a lock but not to hurt you and work upwards. Then before I reach the head, down gain. UP and down. UP and down. UP and down. Each time getting closer to more sensitive tips. I know you what you want but I won’t give it…. not yet.

Your patience wears thin as I taste the clear precum flavour of your penis. I can wait no more and with a light pop engulf the tip of your cock as I near the top of my game. I maintain suction, licking the tip with rotating tongue. My fingers continue lightly scratching at the space erupting such an ecstatic erection. I can just make out the escape of your sigh.

My play has become urgent. With increasing intensity and depth I devour your ample length. No longer playful, my hands grasp your hips. I become too hungry and back off suppressing a choke. I pause…..allowing me time to recover.

Only a few seconds of rolling my tongue across your purple tip is needed for my break. I resume with intensity. Pacing as quickly as I can, hoovering as much as possible up and down, my breath in gasps between insertion and withdrawal of hard man flesh in my oral sex hole. My hands slide around your adorable arse to between your thighs, I hold you firm, moving with your thrust. Your push upwards welcome, urgent, but still considerate of physical limitations.

Soon, I know it’s soon . Again and again, flicking at the tip, devouring straight to the base, swallowing as the length threatens to gag. Your thrusts are more urgent, my breath rushing to and from my lungs in time with deep penetrations of my hungry throat. We become like one and together fell your surfacing ecstasy. I struggle to keep the pace, my mind knows will bring us both release.

With quiet moans and quick twitches it comes, spasms of release.

I swallow again and again, first the inches then the hot fluid. Slowly, I consume the every last drop from your softening hood, cleaning you. The shaft still twitches in response to my playful tongue flicks. I consider riding you now, your semi erect member hailing me to higher grounds. But instead I kiss you all over the now warm groin. I lay my head on your hip, the smell of sex from you, and me, filling my head.

I sigh contentedly, hoping you are too.


Monday, October 02, 2006


Its early Monday morning. Everyone is asleep. The house is quiet. My mind is not.
I have turned on the music for company. Its a poor substitute for a flesh and blood companion.

Perferably tall, dark and GQ handsome. I have my imagine in mind, someone I've never met though have appreciated visually. I imagine he is quiet but intense. Thin framed but well defined. Hands calloused from his work.

The black causal cotton shirt clings to his chest contours. Black jeans tucked into silver studded black boots delicately hint at the contours of a firm ass. Hand knotted hemp twine adores his wrist in triplicate and singely on his neck. The effect: pulled together yet unfussy. His dark hair falls in loose tendrils partially obscuring his defined features.

He moves smoothly, purposefully. Just a glance in my general direcation of those brown eyes sends shivers rippling through me. I doubt he was looking at me but the effect was there none the less. A breif smile tickles my lips and I turn towards the bar, quick steps working off my agitation.

The bar is packed. I stand in long flowing skirt and well tailored top waiting patiently for my turn to order. The minutes tick away as bits of conversation float past my ears. To pass the time I amuse myself with sordid details of a decadent tryst with my unnamed man in black.

Partially self absorbed, I startle as a hand is pressed on the small of my back. Without turning I know its Him, I can already feel his heat seeping into my every pore. I look up into the mirror behind the bar, cool intensity meets my reflected gaze. Then his eyes slowly, debliberately scans my assests through the smoke stained glass.

"What will ya have" the bartender interrupts our visual contact.

"Tea, on the rocks" He jests. The bartender stands breifly as if waiting for some other request but when there is none shrugs and turns to pull the tall glases.

I turn too. He is several inches taller. His breath carresses my ear, still his hand rests on my lower back, strong, warm, inviting my closer. We are at the end of the bar but people surround us. We watch as the bartender is distracted by other patrons seeking stronger libations.

His smooth voice startles me, "I dont think we are getting our tea anytime soon."
The crowd shifts and he steps protectively closer, now our bodies are pressed together, my breasts heavy against his chest. The fingers of his other hand carress my thigh under the bar ledge.

Again, ripples of excitement cross my chest and then down my torso. I can already feel the dampness spreading across my lace thong. My breath catches in my throat. I can smell him now. The manly musk making my head spin. I close my eyes knowing he is still watching my reaction.

Shivers threaten to reveal our secret as his fingers slowly work the material of my skirt upwards till bare fingers meet bare thigh. People flow tightly around us but I am only vaguely aware. I lean into Him and his hand urgently. Fingers slide the thin marterial of my thong aside deftly acquiring the prize. His not disappointed by the wet effect there. His breath is as slow and deliberate as his fingers, mine continues in half sighs and broken inhalations.

Trembling perceptively to any who dare look, I fumble for his belt. I know what is coming, but I dont care anymore. I'm burning. Its not about want it has become need. Nothing exists anymore except desire.

He reaches down and around with both hands grasping my ample buttocks. My hand breaches the barriers of his clothing releasing his throbbing member. With one swift movement he moves our bodies together so his manhood is resting between my upper thighs. Our movements are slow, intense as feet shift to assist my accomdation of his manhood. I feel the hot precum lubicating my shaved moist pussy lips while his kiss presses softly on my rose colored lipstick lips.

I forget to breath. Gently tongue and cock probe, lips part, fluids flow. I can hardly stand any more, my body overwhelmed. Hungerly my vagina tightens pulling him deeper inside.

He turns his head from our kiss, hot breath whipsers in my ear, "Breathe before you pass out." I consciously have to think "in and out... in and out... in and out" the ragged short exchanges of air only itensifying the fire below. Our bodies move little. But inside rythmic clenching embraces of deeply wedged cock is coaxed to climax. The spasms are met with timely twitches of turgid flesh. Sex organs reciprocating responses, quicker and more intensely this flesh conversation progresses toward release.

I am lost in hot whiteness when it comes. I'm vaguely aware of additional heat adding to my own. Vaguely aware of being hugged a little tighter. Mixed juices stream down my legs, Im gratefull for the lenght of skirt as my sences return. He holds me, head resting on his shoulder, strong arms surrounding me until my trembling stops. When I do finally look up its into soft eyes.

"So whats your name?" mischevious smile on his lips. Neither of have yet disengaged.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I have this bear. His name is Skippy. Skippy is the coolest mauvey brown. He used to smell of Halston z-14 but the cologne has many years ago worn off. I assume he smells like me now.

I also assume he likes his crushed in nose. His nose is crushed in from many nights of clinging him between my breasts, my heart heavy with lonliness. Skippy is almost oldest enough to belly up to the bar (in michigan where I live legal drinking age is 21). He was a present from my husband when we dated the first time.

For those of you that dont know Zigzagman and I dated in highschool. We were young, broke and all too quickly nearly 200 miles away. I was crushed. Skippy was there to ease my pain.

And for years he did. He was the best confidant- never told a sole my secrets, was always smiling despite the many tears staining his head, and my frequent night time companion despite whoever else was in my bed.

So here we are 20 years later, Skippy still occupies my bed and now so does the man that gave him to me.

A lot happened in between. We both married and divorced other people. We both bring a child to our house, his young Man-child and my Princess. We established careers. We grew up.

But we never stopped thinking, wondering hopeing.... for this day..... and frequently for me Skippy was there thinking, wondering, hopeing with me.