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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I have to chuckle....

So our office is Zigs network of computers in a small extension of the house. It quickly became apparently after my arrival in the house and as my computer efficiany increased that one computer was not enough.

The current arrangement is great. Our computers are 3 feet from each other, even when in the same chat rooms (IRC still kicks ass) we can look at and talk to each other. I dont think I could tolerate us being in separate rooms for multiple reasons. But sometimes it is a problem and I am thinking of getting earphones. Hours and hours of talk radio sometimes grate my nerves raw and I have to leave the office, or turn his speakers down because he so kindly left them on for me........

Tonight I caught wind of a concert on Myspace. I asked if I could catch the stream, he was kind enough to agree. I was a bit late but checked out My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday and Linkin Park. It was cool to review bands before blowing 18 bucks on a CD. I liked a few songs from TBS and MCR but I must say Linkin Park ROCKS! I'd go seem them live in a heartbeat.

Zig was very gracious in allowing me to rock the house, as he usually dictates what is audible in our office whether music, movies or radio. His tolerance and love for me is evident in the comment, "you can listen to hours of such angry music?". LOL. Its ok, he doesn't really like chocolate either. By the way while honoring my request to monopolize the frequencies in the office, he avoided the mayhem and went for a walk. He brought me back one of my favorite chocolates, Lindt Lindor chocolates. WHAT A MAN! I run him out of the house and he brings me treats!

So with little ceremony we moved from Linkin Park to Irelandlive, traditional and folk. Talk about contradiction. Actually the traditional melodies were a welcome change. Dont get me wrong here, I like tradtional Irish music as much as Zig does, I just appreciate a wider range of what musical creativity. I think maybe he needed to mend his soul with songs from the home land. LOL.

It makes me wonder how other people cope with differences in ideas, opinion and taste.

I feel very blessed.


Blogger ZigZagMan said...

As much as I love you.....all my heart, I still cannot understand how one can listen to 5 hours of anger what sounds to me.......but in fairness..neither can I explain how I can listen to 5+ hours of talk radio.......:)

The chocolates were just because I love you, music or tastes aside...:)

Rereading this...I see why people suspect English is not my 1st language............:)

3:02 AM  
Blogger crse said...

Awww! Love in the zig house! We have a deal here. Gill foregoes the angry music (as norm calls it his "rahr rahr rahr" music) and i wont wake him up from a sound sleep singing andy gibb songs with harmonica accompaniment. (and no, in case you are wondering, i do not play the harmonica) compromise is a beautiful thing!

5:32 AM  
Blogger Bunny said...

Doesn't like chocolate? Does . . . not . . . compute . . . I can't comprehend THAT. We listen to our music separately. I like a little bit of everything, he likes Olivia Newton John (Lord help me, he really does). We compromise in the car on NPR or country, as we both find country tolerable. I have agreed to limit my angry music/not-kid-friendly music to my MP3 player or when the kids aren't around.
It works for us.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Backcut said...

Ahhhh, the perils and pitfalls of married living. To many people, both "Lush Rimjob" and "Blimp Triscuit" irritate and annoy. Luckily, a few people in this world are tolerant of their spouses' seemingly bad taste.

While love does not conquer all, it still has a good track record.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Devilbluedress said...

LOL. I go from Power Metal to celtic. And everything in between. It all depends on my mood and how much I have to think about. My husband copes. He doesn't usually get to work at home, and I have the better speakers so by default I set the music. When he's around I try to accommodate something he likes. The kids now is a different story. They just have to cope. There tastes are too narrow and they don't share, so I haven't learned there music yet.

9:20 AM  

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