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Thursday, December 20, 2007

End of year .....

WOW! It does not surprise me that I haven't blogged since October 1st. It has been an uphill struggle since then, and I try not to dump my problems here.

On an upbeat, I feel good. Issues tackles, some resolutions, some disappoints. All and all just life happening faster than I choose.

Thanksgiving 2006 my Dad died. This Thanksgiving we had plans to get together and scatters the ashes. When the idea came up I thought it would be a good anniversary memorial and help us to cope. The reality ended up I was the only one coping. I accomplished my goal, albeit with much drama. I wish my siblings the peace I feel now.

A few things have really bugged me since last year. I could not find my Dad's best friend, nor could I find my Dad's son. Funny how life is. After a week of strangled memorial events, I found them both on the same day. I was emotionally excited and drained. I cried, both the men cried, and I laughed. This was how Dad's life was, a series of chaotic events strung together with laughter and love and angry tears.

The princess had a dance recital. I helped with hair and back stage organization. I am told she was beautiful. I missed most of her dancing while managing the little-er girls. *shurgs* maybe next year huh? The upside, we take belly dancing class together. I am loving it.

I have been at the new job almost six months now. I must say I love it. I spend my day helping people. That is pretty much it. Answering questions, moving supplies, resolving disputes, holding hands, giving hugs and in general just being a source of
comfort for my patients, visitors and co-workers.

My employer has funded a "wellness center". Basically its a fancy gym with rehab services included. I, personally, am LOVING this. I have been talking various classes in yoga, strength training, balance work, dancing and swimming almost daily. I am looking forward to becoming more fit. My clothes fitting better is not a bad side effect either.

I must say. I feel good. Physically and emotionally good. Some of my issues have resolved, some are still resolving. I am looking forward to closing out this year and starting the next. Its going to be a good year.

Merry Christmas Everyone. And Happy Holidays.


Blogger Backcut said...

I'm VERY sorry for your loss, agrah. From Zig's blog, he sounds like he was a great guy and father. My own parents are getting up there, too. I've sure seen enough of the same thing this year and had friends pass on, well before their times. I guess it's something we have to deal with but, we sure as hell don't have to like it.

This holiday season has my uncle doing the chemo thing but, there's just not much hope. I'm putting together a DVD video of my pictures for him to watch. When us 5 boys were kids, he used to take us hunting and target shooting. We loved him like a father.

I always say, during these times, for people to hug your friends, kiss your loved ones and live life to its fullest. Well, for me, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.


4:52 PM  
Blogger Wonder Woman said...

Sweet Relief!
Good post and like you, I'm hoping next year will be better than the previous.... What do you say you and I have a glass of wine on the next plateau? No more uphill climbs...not really going down either. Just have a picnic on the flat grasslands....

Merry, marry and all that jazz.

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Aunt Jackie said...

Hi, just popping in to say Happy Holidays to you guys... hope all is well...? :-\

Hope this coming year holds all the best for you and Mr. Zig...



8:31 PM  
Blogger Aunt Jackie said...

Hope all is well... xoxo (that was me above, as I wasn't logged in properly)


4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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