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Friday, September 29, 2006

playing with new toys

ok not those toys! Ya all are pervs, but I adore that about my blogging world.

This is the results of my new camera and 45 minutes of playing at the river. I'm especially fond of this one. Its simply titled "reflections".

If it werent for the fishermen that frequent here it would be a great place to tramp down some tall grass for a very natural romp. More about rivers later.... Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006


If I eat my sugar coated toy in the box cereal with plain soy milk do I get partiall credit for healthy eating?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

saturday night party

This is just to much fun...LOL

As Zig is working on computer stuff, and I'm attempting to put thoughts to print we hear a soft THUD on the window. He looks, he assesess, no damage no real reason for it. Odd but life moves on right?

Several minutes later not a thud but the unmistakeable scratch of nail on screen. This time Zig exclaims "We have company!" I'm interested but busy. What really caught my attention was this question, "Why do raccoons like me?!?" I can't help but giggle now.

This interplay of attention getting and dismissal went off and on for over an hour. I chuckle and type and sip my berry cooler. Scratch..... Zig replies "why?". I chuckle and type and sip. The oversize forest rats have followed us home. For more reading on coons and the Zigs click here camp coons.

Funny stuff.

Friday, September 22, 2006

a piece of them all

this is a random expression in response to AlexSuze's elemental post

The dancing fire, playfull air, chameleon water, sturdy earth.

The sun's tendrils toasting, tempting, tickling my individual bare skin cells awake; the dance of flames jazzing to their elaborate interplay of white, blue, orange, mellon, amber; the sensuous trickle of sweat escaping a hot body writhing in explosive coupling, the lines of a bold body bathed in flickering warm candlelight.....

The cool mist of fall breezes early in the morning, the temptuous tug of stronger strom winds playing golden tresses obscuring equally playfull yet powerfull eyes, the irresistable delight in drag surfing your hand out a car window, the song of childerns voices carried on carefree air, the cool tickle of peppermint breath on sensitive places, the satisfing sigh of your partner, whispering or roaring air is not to be ignored .....

I grew up surrounded by water and actually feel strange if I get to far inland, water grounds me, relaxes me, excites me, terrorifies me; the lift and lunge of 3 foot michigan waves sing to my inner child as well as my inner woman, the cover of snow and ice blanketing an entire view in crystaline blues and grays warmed by amber shards of cool northern sun, waters ablitity to sustain life or take it intrigues me; water heels, soothes and destroys; its ecclectic beauty pulls me closer like a lovers embrace, a warm bath is such bliss when moving naked within waters wet hug...

Earth's strength is equally as powerfull, the base we stand on, solid rock, shifting sands, sometimes in tumultuous upheaval; Earth encompasses fire; becomes one with water as either mud or sinking sands, drifts with or stands fast against whispering or angry winds. Earth is nuturing, sustaining, proud yet yields to forces both gentle and strong, forces of air, water, and fire. Earth is the surface the others play on for fancy or ferciously, yet earth remains, it may shift but it remains constant.

I am not quite sure how this reflects on my personality, but it was honest, from the heart.

Monday, September 18, 2006

how to make a mrszigzagman

5 parts success

5 parts self-sufficiency

5 parts ego

Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little wisdom if desired!

segregated laundry

Does the laundry care that I separate by white, reds and darks? If so will it riot? Is that why my stains wont come out?

Is bleach a weapon of mass destruction?

What about pinks and tans and greys? Do they feel like they dont belong anywhere? not enough color to be dark, but too much to be white?

If reds taint the whites pink does it become a sneeches with no star or star issue if I reclaim the whites with color remover?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

the flower

Sorry I have been absent for awhile, but reallife and fantasies in my head have been distracting. I'm still working up the courage to put more of it in type.... but its a slow processs. My personal fanatasies are, well, personal. I have a multitude of ideas but after 20+ years of keeping most of it to myself exposure just seems raw and uncertain. *sigh*

But on a less whiny note.....

Zig treated me to dinner out. YA! someone else does dishes! That and it seems for some reason that paying for your meal in a strange place is almost like a strange bed. Your enticed to flirt, to tease, to enjoy your partner. Eye contact lingers, brushes of fingertips against a thigh, a flip of hair in candle light. And conversations without disruptions, no TV, no computer, no kids yelling, no shift work. A sence of connectness.

On the way to the eatery we stopped at the gas station. Zig loves this station, more correctly he loves harassing the gals that work there. Harassment to such degree that I recieved a flower "just for putting up with him." The brunnette was spunky cute.

I couldnt help but thank her and remark "gee honey I'm getting flowers from girls, maybe you should be worried?" poor thing about went pale. *giggles*

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend 2006

So we have returned from another adventure in the woods. No one was lost, but tree hugging did occur.

I think last pic count for Saturday through Monday was something over 250. Some are actually worth looking at....LOL. We met some new friends, drunk dialed some old friends, and of course family time is always appreciated.

Its an enjoyable but odd time for me. Watching my Princess at play triggers memories of myself at her age. I'm not sure if the child or adult games are more entertaining. I believe we amuse the children as much as we are amused by them.

Now I get to play adult games. My arm is sore from only one game of horseshoes. (we won!)
I boycotted Sundays libation rounds on the grounds I already was trying to hold my cookies. I returned home with a cute lil temporary tattoo heart on my breast from Saturday nights "tag the titty" party.

And of course camp fire talk. Stories, teases, jokes, double entredrees, innuendoes, songs.
The raiding neighbors hunted us down from choruses of ".....chug a lug, chug a lug". By the second night they had the whole drinking song in their heads and their hearts. We enjoy being influential. LOL.