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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer Fun

We went to the County Fair today. We being Mr Zig, Mrs Zig, and ziglettes Shortman, age 13; The Princess nearly 11.

I, being the wonderfully open minded person I am greatly enjoyed people watching, particually the curves. Wowza. There was enough eyecandy to give a person a cavity in the brain.Unfortunately the stud veiws were few and far between. What is it about a fair that brings out the creepy elements in every community?

Speaking of candy, before said event, I went to the dentist. Just a cleaning and a scolding for not flossing enough so I didnt think anything of it. Until Mr Zig treated me to all time favorite carnie delight, COTTON CANDY.

To put in perspective my cotton candy enthusiams let me tell you a few things. One, I start drooling for my favorite treat in ooooooo say about mid march, summer still a long ways away. Two, I always get 2 MONSTER bags, ya know the ones the size of a small child but oh so much sweeter. The first bag is to eat on site, the second to take home for tomorrow....maybe... if it last that long. Three, I am very reluctant to share, even when my stomach is whimpering from sugar assault. I think you get the picture now.

All day today we knew we going to the fair. Mr Zig even commented to anxious Shortman, "If we dont go the fair, we will go to the beach, but if it gets rained out it gets rained out. Besides its an opportunity for Mrs Zig to get cotton candy so you know we cant miss that." They found it very funny.

I wait patiently. Ok I lied, first chance I got I was holding my hand out for cash like a snot nosed ride monger. I of course ordered a Monster bag. A huge bag of spun sugar in multi colored layers. SWEEEETT! I wanted to skip but contained myself. I open the bag, reach carefully in with dry fingers and pull the first blue cloud. Deliberately I bring it to my lips like a horney teen getting a first kiss. The initial delicious strands melt on my tongues moisture. I smile. Then I wince. OUCH! It seems my teeth cleaning has left me sensitive to intense sugar. I suffer through the first flavor. A delicious contradiction in culinary delight and stinging cleanliness.

Its a first. I bought back 1/2 a bag and I shared. And it was only half because The Princess ate the next two layers before I stopped her.

Summer Fun 2 coming soon.


Blogger crse said...

Oh wow, I share your love of the sweet mistress cotton candy my friend. And I also enjoy a nice game of "there's your boyfriend/girlfriend" watching the underbelly of the fair. Our county fair is in two weeks. You are making me giddy!

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They sell cotton candy year round at Meijer and Wal- Mart.

6:34 PM  

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