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Friday, November 10, 2006

Da Count

I know my country politics are not always popular. But in honor of American Veterans from war and peace time: active, reserve or retired: alive or remembered I want to express my gratitude for the sacrifices they and their families have made. I love my life. I love the options I have. I realize there are nations in this world were as a woman I would not have been educated, or respected, and surely not able to express my womaness in all its glory.

I am gratefull there are people in this country willing to step up and risk their lives so we can continue expressing our opinions. I am gratefull to have the opportunity to talk these men and their families via mind boggling technology.

If your are military, or have someone you love in the military know that someone in michigan believes in you. My deepest sincerest gratitude to you and yours. I wish you health and comfort and a safe return home.


Blogger Suze said...

Mrs Zig this is a wonderful heart felt tribute. We will never forget or take for granted what others have suffered to obtain.

5:10 AM  

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